A study conducted in 2017 with multiracial Malaysian* respondents showed that...

Malaysians are more attached to their ethnic identity than their national Malaysian identity. 
*of Malay, Chinese, and Indian descent.
Source: Al Ramiah, A., Hewstone, M. and Wölfer, R., 2017. Attitudes and Ethnoreligious Integration: Meeting the Challenge and Maximizing the Promise of Multicultural Malaysia.
The same study also showed that Malaysians tend to think there is a greater amount of discrimination against their own ethnic group compared to what they have personally experienced in society.
It is easy to idealize that a multicultural society would be perfectly distributed.
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But reality is dynamic.

Our social realities may differ from each other due to race, education, or class. Can there be a consistent Malaysian identity for people with different lived experiences and worldviews?
In sociology, several metaphors have been used to represent the functioning of multicultural societies, which include:
The Melting Pot
The Salad Bow
The Kaleidoscope
Spend some time reflecting on each on them and think about which you prefer the most.